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The Creators

Dev Raj – A name for a seasoned pair of planners!

An iconic partnership between a thinker and a doer often becomes explosive and in turn gives a perfect duo like ‘Dev Raj’.

By merging their disparate talents and idiosyncrasies- Rajat and Devang co sculpted 7X Weddings,rebooting the event and wedding planning industry in their own way. Professionalism and integrity in turning a vision on paper to a full scale replica of the event someone has always been dreaming of, is what signifies Dev Raj.

Emerged from a small venture to a high profile, niche class wedding stylist company of Gujarat, 7X wedding management firm is a collaboration of 7Inks and Xpertz, headed by Rajat Sogani and Devang Shah respectively. The journey began on a friendly note when Rajat hit the bull’s eye with an opportunity to manage a wedding in a friend’s family. His collaboration with Devang to execute this wedding brought an unparalleled blend of creativity, positivity and dedication which converted this venture into a nostalgic one forever.

Simply put- To get along in business, partners should have different skill sets that make a better pair. Devang and Rajat as professional partners, complement each other in their working style, wherein if Rajat has expertise in analyzing and planning the requirement, Devang has a forte in executing the same and implementing ‘magic’ to it. The duo has positive approach, optimistic attitude and flamboyant personas, greatly recognized for working regardless of any wedding budget and delivering spectacular results.

A party planner in personal life also, Rajat has a broad spectrum of talent in planning and management. Having been in the entertainment world for over a decade now, he is extremely farsighted. His business skills combined with his capability to do micro level planning make him an awesome combination for the event industry.

The USP - Elegant and Royal Destination Weddings

Devang on the other hand, entered the industry in 1997 and there is no looking back since then. An expert in concepts, design, technique, visualization, production and execution, he truly fulfils the dreams of his clients. On the personal level, surfing, reading and travelling are Devang’s favorite things to do.

During their decade long journey, Dev Raj has been proudly serving destination weddings across India and South East Asia. With them around, no stone will be left unturned for an imagination to meet reality. The USP of 7X is elegant and royal destination weddings. Nature holds a special place in their designs. Flowers are definitely the favorite component. They craft designs to make spaces look elegant and have experiences of all kinds of weddings from palatial to beaches to anything!

There are several reasons why people choose to hire planners for a wedding. But the best thing that remains an integral part of 7X weddings is that even after dealing with the best of artists and vendors they work under strict lines of budget given by their dear clients. Reducing the costs and stress, saving time, giving unique ideas, vendor selection and management and detailing and scheduling are just a few to name. This makes them truly worthy and ensures valuable return on every penny spent. They have been successfully proving the point that not hiring a wedding planner increases costs and stress.

All families have different perceptions. But majorly, under the umbrella of wedding desires and dreams - two breeds have been mostly visible - one is simple and subtle and the other is flamboyant and stylish. For meticulous planning and budget balancing DevRaj has been pretty successful in drawing an outline and finding the ideas from clients using their views or suggestions on guest profile, their real hospitality experiences at any of the recent weddings attended, etc. Whether a simple and traditional wedding or a lavish and exotic one Dev Raj has reassured client satisfaction in two ways -

Always sticking to plans and Never leaving things half way

Bestowed with the prestigious EMF Ace Global Convention and Awards for the fourth year in a row, awarded to DevRaj and also Times Men of the Year - Award, 2018 to Rajat and Devang for their contribution to the wedding industry in Gujarat. 7X Weddings stands tall with a vision - giving equal attention to every wedding - be it a small or a big budget. This balance is created with around 14 weddings conducted in a year. 100% transparency at all stages of planning and execution has helped in the success of each venture until now.

Dev Raj looks forward to more love and partnerships around the event and wedding industry and eagerly waits for that one dream wedding to come to them soon!

Their bit of Wisdom for young aspiring planners -

Be transparent,Indulge into detailing and creativity,Never overpromise,Always have a backup plan.